End Game

Intuition plays a big role in my working practice.  I strongly, intuitively, wanted to add some red resonance to this piece, in most of the peaks of the diamonds and certain other areas.  It became difficult in the end game moves, to darken the highlights with the desired red infusion, which was previously very light cereulean.  Eventually this worked out and the red was managed in, sort of glancing off the cereulean midtones, towards the tops of the forms.  After having sufficient red and restrengthening the deep blue outlines the goal had been reached.  

As an extention of the theme, of the psychic conflict between the mind and the infinite identity, the ambient form background, which developed in the previous piece (see April 24th On going Musings), was used as the central theme for this small blue and red piece which was begun with the Shaman's brush.

Since the piece was mostly executed in the wine country of southern France, I decided to title it "Vintage", as we lived in the wine country and I'm hoping this piece will improve with age!